The Life and Business Coaching Program for Women Entrepreneurs who need more time, energy and harmony.

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Stop struggling with finding balance in your life.

  • Find the peace that you had hoped a home-based business would allow you to have.
  • Discover how you can spend more time with your family AND keep your home clean AND volunteer in your church or community AND take care of your self WHILE building a successful business!
  • Find the focus and direction you need to be your best in every role you have.
  • Reach that level of success you have always wanted in both your business and personal lives!



Do you dream of being in SYNC with your life?



“For the first time in over three years I am living in the now, and not in the past. It is the most amazing feeling. Thank you for all the support. I LOVE this Nicole Bandes, it has changed my life forever….Thank you!!! My husband is so happy that I can enjoy this time of the year again.”  – Sonya White-Keel



“Nicole has a real gift for drawing out any issues that may be preventing you from moving forward. I found her to be on target and innovative in her thinking and suggestions for action steps. Coaching with Nicole helped me peel away layers of uncertainty and confusion so I could see where I truly want to go and then she challenged me to write it out and be clear, but flexible. I learned that sometimes it’s a good thing to just “be” before taking the plunge into something new. She really helped me get my focus back and now I feel confident in the direction I am headed. I would highly recommend Nicole as a life or business coach – you owe it to yourself to hire a professional like her.” – Janet Farmer


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